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The Project

Key to my Career by Having Intellectual Norms- KEYCHAIN  2020-1-SE01-KA229-077796

The objectives of the project are to increase students' competence in STEM, to make teaching these subjects more attractive, to increase participants' knowledge and awareness of their own capabilities in the context of labour market needs, to broaden their ability to apply scientific knowledge in industry, technology and natural resources management, and to use digital technologies creatively.


The project is aimed at pupils aged 12-19 years who are faced with the choice of further education and need to be guided by different options. The project activities are based on exploiting the industrial and scientific potential of the partner school regions in order to demonstrate to participants the practical application of the knowledge acquired at school. For this purpose, classes in industrial facilities, science centres, biological laboratory, astronomical observatory, museum of technology and others will be organized.


There will be cooperation with schools and technical universities, workshops, practical classes, meetings with STEM specialists, lectures, research projects, competitions and school events. Students will develop joint publications using ICT tools: "Putting STEM's knowledge into practice" - presentation of the application of science in the industrial facilities and the management of natural resources, "Science around us" - presentation of institutions popularizing scientfic knowledge among young people, "Professions of the future"- predictions concerning the development of the labour market and the competences needed for it, will take part in the photographic competition: "Mathematics around us". Thanks to this, the educational offer of schools and the teachers' workshop will be enriched with jointly developed project materials (presentations, didactic materials, class scenarios, tasks for students, quizzes) collected in a didactic package for future use.


Teachers will use attractive online materials from institutions such as NASA, European Space Agency, KhanAcademy, Geonet, Manga High, Cinderella, Graph, Minstructor and others. It will also result in the modification of curricula and broadening the implementation of selected topics. These activities will be implemented through partnership visits and extended to local activities in order to increase the number of participants and enrich the results of the project. The project will also develop social skills, self-presentation and language skills by creating a "Dictionary of useful phrases" in the languages of the partner countries and cooperation on the eTwinning platform. Tasks aimed at broadening knowledge about cooperating regions and countries, their attractions, culture and traditional art will combine the use of digital competences and artistic activities with science subjects - STEAM (e. g. art workshops, tasks inspired by Leonardo da Vinci's work).


The methodology of the project is based on practical teaching outside the classroom in cooperation with industrial, economic and scientific institutions, search for innovative forms such as Gamification, expert tables, scientific discussion and show, laboratory research, experiences, competitions, quizzes, flipped learning.

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